Okay, I can't contain myself any longer... wth is up with these random hairs?? Anyone else carrying tweezers around at all times. Why do we not talk about this stuff?!?!? . So, it hit me when my mom was in recovery after her recent surgery...somehow we got on the conversation about sprouting hairs and needing tweezers. My doped up mom, myself and the two nurses were all like yep...welcome to 30+!!!! So this is normal??? Apparently it is. And apparently dudes have no idea about it! My dad seemed a little grossed out and was like, "what?!" . If you're new to the 30's...welcome to the hair club for women. If you've been here awhile, it's nice to know you, let's be friends. To both of you, please know I have tweezers on me at all times. #ishare #whydoesntanyonetalkaboutthis #ihadnoidea #wtf #ihairdlyknowyou