Bear with me for a minute here cause things are about to get real. This is what it looks like when you're trying damn hard to figure out wtf is going on with your body and why you have zero exercise tolerance. My team of doctors think we're on the right track with some sort of crash between my thyroid, adrenal system and B vitamin and ferritin levels, but it's important not to play Whack-a-mole with your health, so I'm digging deep. I don't just want to just throw another supplement into the mix to see what happens. I want to get to the root cause and address it head on. So I'm in the throws of it all right now; the yuck, the strain, the wondering, the worry, all of it. But, I also believe that in the end the best is yet to come. Better health, stronger training, faster racing. I believe that if I honor my body and really commit to listening to whatever it tells me it needs, that what lies ahead is better than where I am, and where I've been. So in that way- I appreciate this disaster and it's labyrinth of complexity. This is an opportunity, not an obligation, and I will be better off because of it. #opportunitynotobligation #rootcause #knowyourbody #hoshimotos #adrenalhealth #nevergiveup #keepitreal #endurance #run #runner #running #triathlon #runcoach #UARunCoach #IRunTons #IRunTonsUAPC



  • @alacrityamir 7:09 PM Aug 31, 2017

    You got this! 💪🏽

  • @sallyslipher 7:12 PM Aug 31, 2017


  • @nellynelle19 7:37 PM Aug 31, 2017

    Listening to your body is so incredibly important. I’m glad your on the road to resolve! 💪🏾🙌🏾

  • @iruntons 7:39 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @alacrityamir thank you Amir❤️

  • @iruntons 7:39 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @nellynelle19 thank you!

  • @randyreitenauer 8:30 PM Aug 31, 2017

    You mentioned Hoshimotos.....this sounds very similar to what I went through leading up to my Celiac diagnosis. Good luck, and I hope you and your team work it out quickly. Keep on moving forward ---->

  • @ajmontes25 8:34 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @iruntons I'm sure we'll figure this out! I say we because it's time to switch roles a bit. For me to hold your back and support you all the way the same way you have done with me for the past 3 years! We'll conquer this climb! 😘

  • @alioop_0_o_runs 8:48 PM Aug 31, 2017

    A setback is just a setup for something greater. You got this coach! ❤️

  • @iruntons 9:12 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @randyreitenauer thank you. I have been grain free for 8 months, but as we know gluten is everywhere. Even strict diet restrictions aren't a problem for me at all as long as I feel good. We'll see where this testing takes me.

  • @iruntons 9:13 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @alioop_0_o_runs so true!💪🏼

  • @iruntons 9:13 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @ajmontes25 thank you!!

  • @aly.whitmer 9:39 PM Aug 31, 2017

    You got this!

  • @greg_white1010 10:18 PM Aug 31, 2017

    Hoping you get the unanswered answered asap! Chin up and you will come out stronger on the other end. Thinking of you.

  • @adiehemp 10:40 PM Aug 31, 2017

    i've been feeling the exact same lately, like my body just can't tolerate any aerobic exercise, struggling to run even a mile when i was doing 5-8 easily. i can't figure out wtf is wrong and it's driving me crazy! can't wait to read your blog...

  • @iruntons 10:48 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @greg_white1010 thanks so much!

  • @iruntons 10:50 PM Aug 31, 2017

    @adiehemp definitely worth checking all the same things, thyroid, B12, adrenals and iron levels. I highly recommend seeing a functional wellness physician to help you navigate it all since "normal" is not the same as Functional. Be Well.

  • @lwinebrenner81 11:43 PM Aug 31, 2017

    Goodness - that's a lot of vials. Ugh.

  • @iruntons 1:28 AM Sep 1, 2017

    @halim_joseph_ thanks Halim👌🏼

  • @dspencerbush 2:16 AM Sep 1, 2017

    Stay strong, Coach!!

  • @iruntons 2:59 AM Sep 1, 2017

    @dspencerbush Thanks Dave!

  • @iruntons 3:15 AM Sep 1, 2017

    @lwinebrenner81 #truth....🙄

  • @christymerritt1969 2:35 AM Sep 14, 2017

    Awesome attitude. Hope you have an answer soon.