Daisy Burgan ( @daisy_burgan )

6:43 PM Oct 18, 2017
Its a packed house here at Kansas City Hall. Lots of entrepreneurs here to stand for AirBNB rights in KC. AirBNB #Rights #enterpreneurlife #womanprenuer



  • @joeitel 1:04 AM Oct 19, 2017

    @dayzmae How'd it go?!?

  • @daisy_burgan 1:12 AM Oct 19, 2017

    The council has suspended the vote until November 8. There were 50 or so people in favor of short-term rentals. There about five in opposition. At this point it is about the details, and two different residential zones that 60,000 homes fall into. Also it is about owner occupied, and non-owner occupied. At this time the proposed ordinance is still one of the most restrictive.

  • @daisy_burgan 1:34 AM Oct 19, 2017

    Actually it was about 36 for 6 against