Jonathan ( @runthesix )

4:18 PM Oct 21, 2017
I had the most amazing morning! I started my long run just after 7am and headed South towards the lake. Pretty uneventful for the first half of my run. • Halfway through my run a hawk with a huge wingspan swooped down a few feet in front of me and snatch a squirrel off the grass! It carried it into the trees and at some point killed the squirrel. At one point, two other squirrels were chasing each other and got too close to the hawk. It spread its wings and they bolted. The hawk then flew to another tree still clutching the squirrel. • That would have been enough excitement for me, but towards the end of my run, I noticed @runjprun approaching me. JP is running 6 marathons this weekend! Why is he doing this? Well to raise funds and awareness for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I gave JP a huge hug, who at that point was 11km into his 4th marathon, and the first thing he asks is how I'm feeling?! JP is a remarkable individual. I highly recommend to follow him and his journey! • Finally, I was absolutely thrilled to run 27km just two weeks after Chicago! I felt amazing the entire time! • So great seeing so many friends on the MGT today! The weather was absolutely amazing! Hope everyone is having a great day!

Martin Goodman Trail