• @oprincess_body 5 days ago

    Teenagers? Try adults xD I'm 22 trying to learn multiple languages

  • @ardina_yuliani 5 days ago

    Im kind a hard to have progress on languages im learning after knowing the basic lesson

  • @learn_choctaw 5 days ago

    Me: "well you can't drive a car yet so there!😛"

  • @breepolyglot 5 days ago

    I’m nineteen and speak 3 languages currently and am learning a fourth at the moment and will add another come fall :^)

  • @language.trainers 5 days ago

    @breepolyglot that's amazing! Keep it up!!

  • @language.trainers 5 days ago

    @learn_choctaw hahaha, great comeback! Take that!

  • @language.trainers 5 days ago

    @ardina_yuliani dedication, commitment, time, and patience!

  • @language.trainers 5 days ago

    @oprincess_body you've got this!

  • @missydi 4 days ago

    👍😛😘 looks great!!!

  • @polyglot_micha 3 days ago