• @jen_sen_17 yesterday

    @sarajosephineosborne It wasn’t an opinion. You made a generally (incorrect) statement about all women. I’m not mad, boo. I’m just calling you out

  • @jillian_gravelle yesterday

    So they are basically boots. Why not just wear your boots during your rain season?

  • @carry_hillert yesterday

    @ersearch63 some people have to wear heals to work, that’s not something they can decide

  • @kaori.aspeitia yesterday


  • @abbeygilroy yesterday

    @gracef227grace commuter shoes

  • @marco_avj yesterday


  • @abdel_narjes yesterday


  • @1630kennedyramirez yesterday

    IDK but hahahaha

  • @kimmibaby1219 yesterday

    99cent shower caps

  • @loki.peter.strange.sherlock yesterday

    @sarajosephineosborne I don’t care if they look good on us I think they’re ugly so they’re banned at my house

  • @_macyvogel_ yesterday

    At first, I actually thought those were boots in s trash bag..

  • @ymm.97 yesterday


  • @holdupwaitoneminute yesterday


  • @briinatural yesterday

    Too much work!!

  • @louisehlp yesterday


  • @izzyreign yesterday

    @junie13ee hmmmm 🤔....looking at this is making my feet feet hot. The way that this summer humidity is set up around here, I think this is one you should pass. What do you think @ninacmyoung ?

  • @dogls22 yesterday


  • @agathe.elie yesterday

    @louisehlp arrête de m'identifier dans tes bails chelous toi

  • @louisehlp yesterday

    @agathe.elie c pr toi wsh

  • @isabelrodrigues620 yesterday

    @leticiathaisd somos duas kkkkk

  • @chrisacm_ yesterday

    @chrys_soouza @cris._adriano

  • @leticiathaisd yesterday

    @isabelrodrigues620 😂😂😂😂😂

  • @sandy.0303 yesterday

    Ilyet hol lehet venni?

  • @coolguywithhair yesterday

    Why they so ugly though...

  • @pauandri yesterday

    @_shimbalaie_ muy cara para la boludez que es. No deja de ser un plástico. Genial la idea pero tampoco es genial como el calienta camas jaj

  • @esapentula yesterday

    @reettuli ihan uskomatonta, vedenpitävät pitkävartiset kengät !!

  • @tanisha_708 23 hours ago

    Just wear a trash bag, DIY with me😂

  • @zaituna0108 22 hours ago


  • @just_a_photographer____ 22 hours ago

    Orrr you can just wear boots...

  • @citrus.bee.edits 21 hours ago

    Or just change shoes when you get the chance or just wear black rain boots

  • @sorry_i_am_awkward 21 hours ago

    Hey buy a trash bag for 120 dollars!

  • @donttouchmeimshy 20 hours ago

    @emma_claire_johnson ayeeee I was the 119th like

  • @pytelmarcysia 20 hours ago


  • @jesslightley 19 hours ago

    @caitlinhulme_ shoes that match your bag

  • @mike_ul 18 hours ago


  • @caitlinhulme_ 18 hours ago

    Omg I could co-ord @jesslightley

  • @jesslightley 18 hours ago

    @caitlinhulme_ denim on denim is over, how about trash on trash

  • @caitlinhulme_ 18 hours ago

    Trash on trash on trash is the new thang @jesslightley

  • @jesslightley 18 hours ago

    @caitlinhulme_ trash on trash on a wonky fringe on trash

  • @cristyt 17 hours ago

    @dime_lauuuuu están bien padres