$4.8B yacht or $24M supercars? Follow @noteworthyexotics for more! Photo by: @invicto.co



  • @bayley_beazley 3 days ago

    The yach is made of bloody part gold that’s why it’s worth that much and I would take that uach

  • @hunter20paul 3 days ago

    What a load of bullshit!! There is only maybe a few yachts that are $1billion or over and they are genuine 150mtr plus mega super yachts not toys like this one lol 😳🤨😂😂

  • @dean_amaro 3 days ago

    Lemans qué hermosos autos

  • @comei9m31 3 days ago

    Cool!!🌴 ❤️ Nice photo! I went there last year it was an amazing place

  • @big_john_0731 3 days ago

    Yacht so I could sell and buy more cars

  • @mizahvegulduru 3 days ago

    Yanıyorum ama, beni yakanı'da yakıcağım. Sayfamızı ziyaret et ve kahkaha'ya boğul :).

  • @iran_actor_actress 2 days ago

    Fascinating one

  • @tomescu.matei 2 days ago

    Does nobody understand that you don’t choose wich one to get for free but you choose wich one you would buy

  • @jeffrey.lin.chen 2 days ago


  • @giants_fan2023 2 days ago

    24m on super cars

  • @giants_fan2023 2 days ago

    @gshess25 Porsche GTI

  • @emperor_harripaul 2 days ago

    sell yacht then buy all the cars i want and a mansion and save the rest

  • @freak_boutique88 2 days ago

    К!Арчи энтоси макаш1 энкор эмпайр тигрула

  • @nachostes 2 days ago

    Yatch then sell it and buy more supercar

  • @_deank 2 days ago

    The yacht coz I would sell it then buy those cars and still have extra money

  • @campoamorr 2 days ago

    the yatch then you sell it and then you buy a thousand cars

  • @jack.curtis18 2 days ago

    Yacht... easily, cuz you could flip it and make more money by selling it, and then buy your 911 GT1 Strassenversion, McLaren F1, and all ya goodies with loads of money left over

  • @nurbol_86.17 2 days ago

    Осыны алмай ак, Сауапты иске жумсасан АЛЛА алдын жазан женил болатын еди

  • @franjaaa_ 2 days ago


  • @giannhs.ol 2 days ago

    24M supercars !

  • @trece13.13 2 days ago

    El yate ese no creo q valga 4,8billones ni en broma

  • @ozair_zahid98 2 days ago

    WTF $4.8B is it real?

  • @stevandjelicc 2 days ago

    24 m cars

  • @fuz_man_24 2 days ago

    @in.k.ing it was a hoax the yacht was not real

  • @felix_raw15 2 days ago

    @gshess25 these are prototypes used for lemans 24hours

  • @carspotter_joshua 2 days ago


  • @in.k.ing 2 days ago

    @fuz_man_24 d a m n

  • @in.k.ing 2 days ago

    @fuz_man_24 still a dope concept though

  • @oreozzzzzzzzz 2 days ago

    24M supercars

  • @everybodyloveseverybodyapp 2 days ago

    On either one use the Everybody Loves Everybody app. Stop false accusations, vengeful photo leaks, and ruined reputations.

  • @avni_voska 2 days ago

    that Porsche GT1 only :)

  • @gshess25 2 days ago

    @felix_raw15 i see

  • @colbegraves 2 days ago

    @benjibeekman yeah well you’re right. Fuck.

  • @namane_moncef 2 days ago

    Yacht ofc 🙄

  • @sam_munro_2 yesterday

    I'd have the yatch then sell it

  • @mclobsta yesterday

    @benjibeekman you win this round beekman

  • @viabiker yesterday


  • @cossayuna_craft 22 hours ago

    @felix_raw15 nah thats a road version of the gt1 lemans car, built after the race versions lemans win

  • @medvedev78 19 hours ago

    You can buy a bloody aircraft carrier for $4 B

  • @_bundlesandbits 3 hours ago