In the process of getting this custom OTR intake to fit perfectly in the GTO with the LSA instead of the crapy side mount Intake👍 #lsagoat #gto #iattempsgoingdown #fiberglass #racecar #supercharged #lsa #meh



  • @joshuaross_88 3 days ago

    I’m gonna need one of those if I go with a LSA!

  • @academiadeartesanastasyaorlov 3 days ago

    Hi% USER% How beautiful your photo I loved. 😊 May Your Day Be Full of Blessings! 💕💜🙏

  • @weaver_42 3 days ago

    Is that's colts

  • @_kaaaaal_ 2 days ago

    That’d look sick color matched

  • @carlsen6 2 days ago

    @weaver_42 yeh one of his custom ones

  • @carlsen6 2 days ago

    @_kaaaaal_ lol ya I'm painting it now it was just a mock up, need to sand stuff and cut fan shroud

  • @_kaaaaal_ 2 days ago

    @carlsen6 dope, gonna look super clean