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    Absolutely. Don’t go to college to get rich. Only go there if you’re looking to get into a professional job and it’s genuinely your passion!

  • @harrisonbaxter_ 6 days ago

    But you can learn to trade in college?

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    @harrisonbaxter_ 12 year olds become millionaires by learning on YouTube.

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    So motivational. Amazing

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    That is no shit man...

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    a $300 investment I can assure you a return profit of $700 by the end of the week however if you'll be patient enough to allow me trade up to two weeks then I can give you a profit of $3000

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    @710ct lol yeah indeed I'm looking at it too

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  • @fooledbyrandomness 5 days ago

    Wow - only someone who never went to university would say something as fucking STUPID as this. Countless people are millionaires because they got a degree...start with any investment banker at GS worth over a M then move to any hedge fund and so on....you'll find plenty of people who are millionaires as a direct result of getting an education. Fucking moron.

  • @harrisonbaxter_ 5 days ago

    @sam__amezcua yeh they can do. But people can also learn in college if they want to. It’s not too late

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    Wow, that's great! Chek out Our offer🔥

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    @harrisonbaxter_ I’ve learned more from the internet about the stock market then school ever taught me.